Somebody Get Me A Doctor

The days of house calls from doctors are long gone.  Unfortunately, the possibility of even finding a doctor is growing smaller and smaller.  Malpractice premiums and the relative pay scale in Hawaii are forcing more and more medical specialists to head to the mainland as they say "enough already."   The higher the risk (from an insurance standpoint) the less interested local doctors are in putting their hands into it, so to speak.

Tort reform or medical malpractice reform is certainly a major and helpful solution to this dilemma of doctors departing, but a specific concern about the availability of specialists on a moment's notice on neighbor islands is a vital issue that needs a solution soon.  The stress of the job, partially based on insurance concerns, the cost of living in Hawaii, reimbursement fees versus mainland counterparts, and other factors also come into play as to why doctors are leaving or considering early retirement.

The last thing we need on top of the national doom and gloom about soaring medical costs and rampant health concerns is to suddenly be without top practitioners right here in our own backyard.  Solutions need to be found by all parties to make it worthwhile for doctors to ply their trade throughout our state.  Think About It.