Enough for Now

You can't say enough about the tragedy that unfolded last week at Virginia Tech.  Well, actually, you can say enough, and perhaps enough has been said, at least as far as the circus that enveloped the campus after the horrific events of last Monday.

Perhaps it's time to let time start its healing process, let the mourners mourn amongst themselves, with their loved ones.  Perhaps it's time to give people room to breathe, to go about their business, to try to move forward with their lives without a prying outside world watching every move, every candle ceremony, every moment of silence.

This event reminds us that bad things do happen to good people, anywhere at any time, and for reasons that defy logic and human understanding.  Senseless mayhem amplified through video phones and live reports and blogs and news reports and videotapes and pictures and intrusions into churches and pontifications about guns and security and society and mental health.

We are all trying to make some sense of this senseless act, and the passage of time will hopefully be an ally for the survivors and the families involved, but maybe everyone can justify backing off for awhile as the most sensible and humane thing to do right now for all.  Let them grieve, quietly, in peace.  Think About It...