Travel Expert Brian Berusch: Lake Las Vegas

Brian Berusch
Brian Berusch

(KHNL) - Talking travel with Brian Berusch.

Angela Keen: So you are talking about Las Vegas today?

Brian Berusch: I have been doing this travel segment for two months now, and I have had a number of fellows already stop me on the street and say 'When are we going to Vegas? When are we going?'. I'm a big fan of Vegas, I love the nightlife, I love the gaming scene. But these days I think everyone has kind of been there and done that. I think it's a lot of the fellows that have been kind of pushing their ladies to maybe get back there, who aren't always as ecstatic to get back there for the nightlife kind of scene. So, I think an alternative which will keep everyone happy is Lake Las Vegas. It's real hot with the jet set, those who like the night life of town, but want the adventure and serenity during the day, something you don't really get on The Strip where you usually sleep the day away. The lake is 17 miles from the strip, it's a Tuscan-styled resort on 3500 acres. There's a Ritz-Carlton there, a Loews Lake Las Vegas and Monte Lago Village.

AK: That's great, Tuscan villas near Vegas? That's not what you usually think of, that's pretty neat. What else would you suggest?

BB: As far as I'm concerned, Vegas isn't really an end-all vacation destination. It's sort of a no-brainer. It doesn't have the diversity that a place like Hawaii does. So for me, if you are looking to get away for a quick, mindless vacation, and take care of that sort of aspect, there's not that much to think about. So heading to the lake is just an easy, relaxing, quick getaway.

AK: One thing my husband and I have done, the many times we have been to Vegas is to get a rental car and go to the Hoover Dam - drive a bit farther - two hours and you can already be at the Grand Canyon. I think we took a couple of drives on the old Route 66.

BB: I made a few calls last night, I called the Loews Lake Las Vegas. They employ an 'adventure concierge'. This guy's whole job is to set up day trips for people like that. Two hours after breakfast, he'll have you take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon - back by dinner. You can go raft the Colorado River, you can go hike in the Valley of Fire, Red Rocks - there's so much to do.

AK: So while Dad's gambling, Mom and the kids can go on a big adventure.

BB: Exactly. And there's golf. There's great golf, that's another draw for a lot of people. Again, people have gone to Vegas, done the nightlife, done The Strip thing, there's so much to see there's such great dining. There's these three great golf courses, two of them designed by Jack Nicklaus, there's just a plethora of stuff to do. You can go hiking around the resort, it's beautiful, it's kind of Tuscan themed. It's truly got that feel, it almost feels like Palm Springs in its heyday.

AK: It sounds exciting, just something different to do aside from the gambling and the fancy hotels on the strip. Brian, thank you for those tips.