Hawaii Commemorative Quarter Revealed

Governor Linda Lingle
Governor Linda Lingle
Marsha Wienert
Marsha Wienert

HONOLULU (KHNL) - After hundreds of design ideas and tens of thousands of votes, Hawaii has its own quarter.

Gov. Linda Lingle unveiled the design for Hawaii's commemorative quarter.

It's the last in the series of quarters to commemorate each of the 50 states.

Gov. Lingle selected the design that also received the highest number of votes from the people.

The design depicts King Kamehameha stretching his hand out to the 8 main Hawaiian islands. Many believe it's the ideal way to represent the Aloha State.

"Sometimes we're portrayed in certain ways and this was our opportunity to weigh in on exactly how we were portrayed to the world," said Gov. Lingle.

The new Hawaii quarter will also feature the state motto on the lower left side, and at the top, the word Hawaii and the year, 1959, when the state was admitted to the union.

"We were the last to be admitted to the union, we're the most unique and everyone's going to want to have it," said Gov. Lingle.

She made her selection based on the recommendations of a 36-member advisory commission. This design was also the favorite in an online poll, where 28% of the people who responded, chose it.

"With the history and culture behind King Kamehameha and with the state motto, it is really what reflects us as the people of Hawaii," said Marsha Wienert, commission advisor.

Other designs that didn't make the cut include one with King Kamehameha and Diamond Head and another one with a female hula dancer with the Hawaiian Islands. The governor feels the winning design best combines the history, geography and diversity of Hawaii.

The Hawaii quarter will be released in the fall of 2008.