Liliha Community Wants Traffic Signal Working

Judy Toguchi was hit by a car
Judy Toguchi was hit by a car
Alvin Vierra
Alvin Vierra

As lawmakers work to make the roads safer a Liliha community makes a public plea to activate a newly constructed crosswalk signal at a deadly intersection.

A pedestrian was hit by a car and killed outside St. Theresa's back in march. Now the community asks what more has to happen before their traffic light is turned on.

Every morning Judi Toguchi crosses School Street to attend mass at St. Theresa's. One day it nearly cost her her life.

Judi Toguchi says, "Almost two years ago I was trying to get to church and got hit by a car. When I first started no car in the road.

Judi and several others were hit by cars in this crosswalk. Toguchi recalls, "I remember the car but no time to react already just flew hit me I flew."

The signal's been under construction since last November.

Reporter Beth HIllyer demonstrates, "Now this brand new crosswalk signal appears to be working but when you push the button nothing happens imagine the frustration of the community."

Neighbor Alvin Vierra is upset, "It's already hooked up I don't know what the delay is."

School Principal Sister John Joseph Gilligan says, "My frustration level is to see all this equipment up and nothing happening."

Speeding cars pose a danger. No signal to stop them

Sister Gilligan adds, "If the pedestrian was able to press the light stop the traffic they would have been able to cross. It's not activated. Everything is sitting here covered up not working at all."

Toguchi complains, "It's not working yet been like this quite a while. You wonder why is it taking so long."

We tried to find out the reason for the delay. We understand the City is waiting for the contractor to coordinate the electric connection with Hawaiian Electric Company.