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Teacher's Contract Requires Drug Testing

Barry Nupen, parent Barry Nupen, parent
Rich Preston, teacher Rich Preston, teacher
John McMillan, parent John McMillan, parent

By Beth Hillyer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii State teachers are considering a contract that would subject them to random drug testing. Several teachers have been arrested on drug charges this year. This likely prompted the State to require mandatory drug tests.

The Lingle Administration is offering teachers an eight percent pay raise over two years. And they'll require random drug testing for teachers. A proposal many welcome.

Parent Barry Nupen says, "I personally strongly support the drug testing for the teachers simply because those are the role models for our children."

Teacher Rich Preston adds "So I think drug testing is needed and called for."

Parent John Mcmillan believes drug testing is, "An outstanding idea. I'm retired military and we do random drug testing constantly I don't think it's that much to ask."

The drug testing would go into effect in 2008.

"Like anything in life, any job you do, there are bad eggs and this is just one way to help find those bad eggs you might other wise not know," adds Preston.

Under the deal they would get four percent pay raises in each of the next two years. But besides the hefty raise, they agree to submit to random drug testing.

This clause likely prompted by the arrests of at least four school teachers on drug charges in the past year. Some parents and teachers say they welcome drug testing.

Now it's up to Hawaii's 13,000 public school teachers to decide.

Preston concludes, "I would vote for the eight percent and the testing and I have nothing to hide."

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