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Boat Explosion Injures Four

Blake Kimura Blake Kimura
William Aila William Aila
The Nikki B The Nikki B
Waianae Boat Harbor Waianae Boat Harbor

WAIANAE (KHNL) - A boat exploding off of the Waianae Boat Harbor injured four of its occupants. The explosion occurred shortly after 6:30 Saturday morning and sank minutes later.

According to Honolulu Fire Department's Captain Frank Johnson, three people were on the Nikki B when it exploded, and a fourth was untying the boat from the pier. Witnesses say one man on the boat was thrown into the water, the second was thrown onto the pier and the third was thrown back onto the boat. The man on the pier was thrown further back onto the pier.

"On the radio we heard a couple guys talking about it, a boat first thing this morning. Before he was launching, blew up. Started the boat and just heard a big explosion" said fisherman Blake Kimura.

Harbormaster William Aila said "No one knows why. The investigation is continuing. In order for an explosion of this type you have to have two things: a source of ignition and you have to have gasoline fumes."

According to HFD, two of the men were taken to Queen's Medical Center, one with burn injuries and the other with a broken leg. The other two men were taken to Waianae Comprehensive Center with minor injuries.

Two other men from another boat were on the pier at the time of the explosion, HFD says. They were thrown back, but weren't seriously injured. They were treated and released at the scene.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources are investigating the scene.

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