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A Day Of Mourning

Heather Dye Heather Dye
Rick Klobuchar, Virginia Tech Alumni Rick Klobuchar, Virginia Tech Alumni

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Following the Virgina Tech Shootings, Governor Lingle declared today a day of mourning here in Hawaii. And those most profoundly affected by grief gathered in Waikiki for a candlelight vigil. Five thousand miles away from home, these Virginia Tech alumni followed different career paths. But share similar roots. Now they share their grief.

Heather Dye's brother attended Virginia Tech, "I wanted us to find a way for us to be together and be able to talk about it together."

Rick Klobuchar, a Virginia Tech Alumni, says, "It's open to the public. Virginia Tech alumni out here followed what happened obviously we have gotten so much support from other schools, locals and visitors."

They make preparations for a candlelight vigil. They hang signs inviting the public and remember those killed in Monday's massacre. "It's a candlelight vigil to show our support for what's happening back at our campus. It's such a tragedy I don't want something like this to happen elsewhere," says Klobuchar.

Many have never met before but they are united through this tragedy. Dye adds, "When they got here it was a group of 5-6 people, it was a good feeling to see orange and maroon colors good feeling you know."

Klobuchar concludes, "It's about the families and loved ones and anybody who has lost someone during this and we want those people to know we are there for them and we feel the pain."

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