AAA Gives Away Free Guide to Save Gas and Money

Richard Velazquez
Richard Velazquez

(KHNL) - And if you're looking at ways to save gas and money, "Triple-A" is offering some tips.

AAA Hawaii is giving away a free gas watcher's guide.

It offers 45 money-saving tips, covering car maintenance, commuting and saving fuel while on vacation. One of the biggest ways to conserve, is not to speed.

"It's a higher fuel consumption, so slow down, and of course that's better with pedestrian safety, watch your speed, watch your aggressive driving, so I guess that would be my number one tip of the day," said regional manager Richard Velazquez.

You can pick up the gas watcher's guide at the AAA office on Nimitz Highway. The local office can also mail this brochure to the neighbor islands.