Technology Plays Big Role in Virginia Tech Shootings Aftermath

Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson

(KHNL) - In this digital generation, technology played a huge role in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings.

From blogging to instant messaging, technology has forever changed the way we communicate.  Following Monday's tragedy, the nation mourned on cyberspace.

When tragedy hit Virginia Tech, students, parents and others turned to the internet to find out what happened.   Many students first learned about the shootings online.

"I heard the sirens going around and checked my email immediately," said Tim Johnson.

George Barnwell reached his parents in England.

"I had an instant message just asking me if I'd seen the news," said Charles Barnwell.

The internet continues to shape the grieving process. On popular sites like Myspace and Facebook...thousands continue to log on, posting photos and messages as they mourn the victims.

Psychologist Patricia Dalton says online mourning is good but prefers face to face communication.

"When you see someone's facial expressions, particulary around their mouth, you can see vulnerability, you can understand what it is that they mean," said Dalton.

And as they continue to grieve, many students show their support by replacing their profile photos with a VT logo wrapped in a black ribbon.

Virginia Tech added a link to a memorial fund on its homepage. Officials plan to add a site where families of the victims can post photos.