UH Counselors Answer Students' Concerns

Allyson Tanouye
Allyson Tanouye

MANOA (KHNL) - Since the Virginia Tech tragedy, local counselors have been fielding questions from a lot of concerned people.

The University of Hawaii Counseling Department has been very busy.

The number of people looking for help at the Manoa campus has increased 30%. The majority of them are expressing concern about fellow students.

"We have to look at it from a health and safety perspective or if there are suicidal or homicidal entries or threats," said Allyson Tanouye, counseling director.

Professors and others worry about those who may be displaying signs of depression or emotional unstability.

"When it's very dark and there's a lot of anger and seething kind of things and bizarre thoughts, those are things we look at more closely," said Tanouye.

With finals just around the corner, it's a stressful time for students. And for those trying to make sense of what happened at Virginia Tech, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

"From students, they're feeling very vulnerable and of course when something happens like this, in the resident halls, the RA's are having questions, if it could happen there could it happen here?" said Tanouye.

Counselors say most cases are minor, but they take everyone's concerns very seriously.