Bob Job

The goal when looking to fill a position is to put the best person available in that job.  After a search process that undoubtedly included a long list of worthy aspiring candidates, the University of Hawaii has chosen one of its own, Bob Nash, to lead the program forward.  While some might say this choice was a no-brainer, you have to respect the fact that the last time this decision was made, it ended up to be a 20-year decision, and thus it becomes imperative to make the right call after looking at all of the best options.

Well, the right call was made.  Already, Nash is announcing some things he wants to install right away--pressure defense, a faster, less-structured offense, more high school recruiting, better academic results, and ways to bring more fans into the arena.  Keep in mind that UH is one of the only schools that competes with its own popular winter/spring sports--baseball and men's volleyball--in its efforts to fill the stands.

With a few early season wins and some bright, new faces to add to the returnees, Bob's first year could be memorable in more ways than one.  Bob Nash has patiently waited his turn, and he is the right man at the right time, and we are all optimistic that he can get the program to the next level.  Think About It...