New Environmental Initiative Launched to Protect Our Oceans

Vibe Desai, Project Blue Founder
Vibe Desai, Project Blue Founder

(KHNL) - A New environmental initiative was recently launched to protect our oceans, waves and beaches. One of the project's goals is to raise more than one-million dollars for the Surfrider Foundation. Joining us now, is Project Blue Founder, Vipe Desai.

MARVIN BUENCONSEJO: Good morning, Vibe thank you so much for joining us.  Now I have to admit, I'm not too familiar with Project Blue.  Tell us a little bit about your organization.

VIBE DESAIProject Blue is a private initiative that was set up with five brands in the surf industry to help consumers get involved with raising money for Surfrider Foundation and it's using popular consumer products such as sandals, board shorts, sunglasses, watches and backpacks.

MARVIN:  How important is this project for not only Hawaii but all surfers around the world?

VIBE:  Surfer are connected to the ocean and the surf industry is connected to the ocean, it's part of business.  Without clean waters and access to ocean's waves and beaches, you don't have the business and you don't have consumers enjoying everything.

MARVIN: What's next in line for your organization?

VIBE:  Right now we are moving towards a date of launching products which will be hitting stores June 1st and that will be available nationwide. This is a three-year initiative so consumers can look forward to products through these five brands for the next three years and it's specifically going to help Surf Rider foundation.

MARVIN: As we look at the products in stores, raising the money, how will we notice the difference once surfers hit the water, how will it manifest itself?

VIBE:  Manifesting itself takes a little time.  We believe that charity is a little difficult subject matter for young people to absorb.  This is a low-friction way of consumers to get involved, it doesn't have to be where they're giving money away to be part of our organization.  They're buying products but the money goes to Surfrider and Surfrider will work to protect their coastlines.

MARVIN: You and I talked about global warming and how it affects all the waters, give us your thoughts on this hot button issue.

VIBE:  Global warming is a very hot topic right now.  The thing about global warming is that it's happening.  That's pure fact.  The scientists, the reports prove exactly that.  The challenge with global warming is that until it affects you, it's not your problem.  Until global warming shows up on your door step, it's not your problem and that's the biggest challenge with getting people to embrace global warming and to embrace change.  It doesn't effect them.  Until six inches of water run through Waikiki streets and goes into the hotels, it's not really anybody's problem right now.

MARVIN: Let's make sure that never happens by being proactive.  Welcome back to the islands, good luck on the surf and continue your good work.