Woman Relieved Good People Still Around

Kipp Sakata
Kipp Sakata
Jackie Hites
Jackie Hites

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - The aloha spirit is alive and well, and there are still good people around. That's what one woman says after avoiding a big headache.

Jackie Hites carries a lot of important things in her wallet --drivers license, credit cards, and cash.

She's relieved to still have them, after leaving her wallet in a bathroom at the Ilikai hotel last Saturday. She didn't even know it was missing until she got a call from hotel security.

"Immediately my first asked question was 'do I have my credit card there,'" said Hites. "He said it appears to be quite a bit of credit card, and some cash there."

The Ilikai says they recover a lot of items. So much, that they have a storage room devoted to them, and a computerized logging system. Lost wallets are common, but they're not always full.

"A lot of times we do receive items that are found by a bystander or what not, and there may be things missing in it," said Kipp Sakata, security supervisor at the hotel.

And with the growing number of identity theft crimes, Hites knows she's lucky.

"I can't imagine where I would've started," said Hites. "I know I write down my card number somewhere in my home, but I can't imagine what I would've gone through."

And thanks to one honest person, Hites won't have to find out.

"It is good to hear that people out there are willing to help and do a good deed," said Sakata.

"Thank you so much whoever did it and there's lot of good people out there," said Hites.

The ilikai says they recover between 3,000 and 5,000items every year, ranging from cellphone chargers, to diamond rings, to dentures. They say more than 75-percent of the big ticket or important items are returned to their owner.