Local Mass Honor Virginia Tech Victims

HONOLULU (KHNL)- People gathered at St. Andrew's Cathedral to honor those who died at Virginia Tech.

About 40 people hoped to find peace during a time of great sadness.

Among those is Rick Keene, who graduated from Virginia Tech 25 years ago.

"This could've happened anywhere and it happened in a very special place to me," said Keene.

Amanda Jenkins also attends the mass. She has several friends who go to Virginia Tech.

"'Cause you just get to a point where you're depressed and you can't watch it on television anymore and you just don't know what to think anymore," said Jenkins.

Rev. Gregory Johnson tries to comfort and support them.

"Some days are worse than others. This was one of those days, worse because of the senseless violence," he said.

He says people shouldn't rush to judgement about those who do harm, or try to make sense of the senseless. Reverend Johnson also told them to honor the dreams of those who died and give thanks to those whose lives were spared.

People say this helps them deal with the anger and sorrow they're feeling.

"It's just helpful to hear different messages of hope," said Jenkins.

"It's just been really great to see how the world and country has come together to support the community," said Keene.

They say they'll try to forgive, but they'll never forget.