Shooting Hits Close To Home For Warrior Volleyball Player

Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker

By Reid Shimizu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For freshman Joshua Walker, his primary focus this week had been gearing up for Saturday's Mountain Pacific Sports Federation volleyball tournament.

But Monday's tragic events on the Virginia Tech campus changed everything.

"As soon as I got back from weight lifting at about 7-30 in the morning, I went onto MSNBC and  I saw the whole thing and my heart just dropped," said Walker.

Walker, a Virginia native, has friends attending Virginia Tech, and he immediately got on his phone.

"I was glued to the tv all yesterday in between classes, just waiting for all the names to be released and calling all my friends and stuff. I was just praying, I was praying the whole time."

Walker says his friends were not in class at the time, and stayed inside their dorms during Monday's shooting, and as a college student himself, Walker says the incident has left him bit shaken.

"I checked in with all of my friends yesterday, all of them said they were fine, and so I was happy about that. You can't predict anything like that as far as somebody just snapping like that."