How Difficult is it to Buy a Gun in Hawaii?

Art Ong
Art Ong

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Gun control is federally regulated, but individual states can also create stricter laws. If you decide today, that you want to buy a handgun in Hawaii, how hard will it be?

"Hawaii's gun laws are relatively strict compared to other states," said gun shop owner Art Ong.

In hawaii, your first step is to take a 6-hour training course. Then, you can pay for a firearm, but you'll only walk away with a receipt. Next, you file an application with the Honolulu Police Department and wait for a thorough background check. At least 14-days later, if your permit is approved, you can pick up your gun. But, you'll still have to go back to the police department to register it.

"In some states, they exercise their Second Amendment rights a little more vigorously than in Hawaii."

How do Hawaii's gun control laws compare to Virginia's? In virginia, there's no gun registration, and no waiting period.

"Regardless of how strict the laws are, criminals who are prohibited from firearms still get them, and they can still potentially do a lot of crime regardless of weather they go through the process of not."

Three main issues are usually considered when looking at how tough a state's gun control laws are. Registration, licensing, and regulation. Hawaii has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. There are also things that make someone ineligible to buy a gun in any state. A dishonorable discharge from the military, illegal drug use, or a domestic violence conviction, are a few.