Ag Inspection Dog Becomes a Mom

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They're cute and cuddly, and someday they might follow in their mothers paw prints to help protect Hawaii from uninvited pests.

As an inspector for the Hawaii department of agricultural Nari's nose, knows fruits plants and animals, now Nari knows what it's like to be a parent after giving birth for the first time. Now, volunteers are stepping in, to take care of Nari's four pups while she gets back to work.

"What they want us to do is expose this dog to the environment and to people and get it to know it's surroundings, and just to get him to be I guess unafraid of things he might face when he's a working dog," said Foster Parent Robyn Fukamizu.

The foster parents were chosen through a screening process and agreed to follow certain guidelines.

"One of them included that they have a yard, they were able to be with the puppies for at least 8 hours of the day, be able to walk them at least 30 minutes for at least twice a day," said Cindy Nakamura of Hawaii Detector Dog Program.

Nari had a difficult time at first giving up her pups but she will be able to see them from time to time.

We'll make periodic visits the parent's home; we'll also have them bring the puppy here, so maybe in two weeks they'll have another reunion."

Daisy and the others will be in foster care for at least a year before it's determined, if they are suitable for the "Dog Detector Program,"

The lucky dogs will eventually be trained to detect plants, fruits, and animals, such as snakes, in baggage, cargo, and on passengers arriving in Hawaii.