Local College Students React to Virginia Tech Massacre

Neal Sakamoto
Neal Sakamoto
Dana Miller
Dana Miller

MANOA (KHNL) - As students watch coverage of the deadliest shooting in US history, they wonder about their own campus security.

"We just saw it on the tv and its kinda scary to think that we could just be sitting here and somebody could come and just kill us," said Calah Nakasone.

Campus security officers don't have police authority, or weapons. In the case of a shooting, they'll rely heavily on the Honolulu Police Department.

"Right now our policy would be to just set up a perimeter around the outside of the building, monitor who goes in and who comes out of the buIlding."

Students at Virginia Tech complained that no campus-wide announcements were made after the first shooting. two hours after it, the first alert was sent by email. At U of H there's no campus-wide public address system, and that's something that worries these students.

"I would have been really upset if I had come onto campus and then found out that something had happened because not every one checks their email right when they wake up, said student Dana Miller."

She doesn't think the school is doing enough, to prepare.

"Not really no, they send out emails every once in awhile about stuff. I was thinking about that in class today if somebody walked in with a gun I wouldn't know what to do."}

The University says it's in the process of reviewing, and updating its emergency management plan.