Fans Around the World Mourn Don Ho Online

Don Ho
Don Ho

By Cindy Cha

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Known as the "undisputed king of Waikiki entertainer," Don Ho touched millions of fans with his laid-back aloha style.
Since his passing Saturday of heart failure, the legendary crooner is remembered not only in Hawaii but world-wide.

He was Hawaii's entertainment icon.  For more than 40 years, Don Ho shared the spirit of aloha with his fans across the nation and around the world.

News of his death has reached far across the sea.  From national online news media like the Chicago Tribune and to international like The Tribune in India and the Toronto Star in Canada.

On the Velonews forum, fans expressed their condolences.  One fan wrote:

"My wife and I are saddened by Don Ho's passing. I've been humming Tiny Bubbles all morning. We have two vinyls of his works and we play them whenever we need spiritual warmth."

On, fans also paid their respect.

"My prayers are with the whole family, he will live on forever with his music.  Peace and love."

Another wrote:

"God bless your soul Don Ho. Your work and life have been an influence on me. Thank you."

And now the man who made Tiny Bubbles a household song will always remain a memory in their hearts.