10th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival

Chuck Boller, HIFF Executive Director
Chuck Boller, HIFF Executive Director

(KHNL) - The Hawaii International Film Festival presents its 10th annual Spring Showcase. The week-long event features acclaimed and award-winning international films. Here to give us a preview of the films is HIFF Executive Director, Chuck Boller.

ANGELA KEEN:  Good to see you this morning.

CHUCK BOLLER:  Good to see you, Angela.

ANGELA:  How many films can we expect?

CHUCK:  We've got 23 films from nine countries.  Our big festival's in October but we just can't wait that long to bring good films to the public.

ANGELA: What different countries can we expect?

CHUCK: We've expanded a little because people have asked us to.  We've got a film from Africa, we have a hysterical comedy from Romania called East of Bucharest, we got a great Hitchcock thriller from England.  We've expanded a bit beyond the age of Pacific Rim, we've got a Samurai film from Japan, we've got all the Chinese action movies and of course the great Korean hits as well, so we have a real mix of films.

ANGELA: They say it's the 10th year but actually, the Hawaii International Film Festival has been going on for many, many years.

CHUCK: 27 years, it's the 27th anniversary.

ANGELA: What kind of actors participate in some of these indie films?

CHUCK: Many famous actors, Jeff Goldblum is in a new film called Fay Grim by the director Hal Hartley.  We've got Laura Dern who's in Inland Empire, the new David Lynch film.  Weird and fabulous like all David Lynch films.  Danny Glover is in the film from Africa which is very interesting as well.  Of course, all of the big Asian stars that people are so familiar with.  All the Korean stars for example, opening night film:  200 Pounds of Beauty, a wonderful romantic comedy only the Korean can do, so these are all international stars picture well-known in Hawaii.

ANGELA: With the Korean soaps such a big hit in Hawaii, I'm sure the Korean movies will be big as well.

CHUCK: They're selling like hot cakes, so people ought to go online very quickly and buy tickets.

ANGELA: One of our favorite musicians here in Hawaii, Jake Shimabukuro is actually making a cameo appearance.

CHUCK: Actually, we have the U.S. premiere film called Hula Girls from Japan, it was such a hit in our October film festival, we brought it back this time and Jake actually scored four of the tunes in the film so it's a fabulous film.

ANGELA: Anybody can go and check out the movies, how do they do it?

CHUCK: They can go to Starbucks and get one of our little film festival guides, they can go online at hiff.org, they can call us at 550-8457.  You can even go online and print out etickets in advance and have tickets in your hand before you get there.  You can also go on 680 on the TV dial and check out the trailers.  You can digitally see the trailers in advance.

ANGELA: How big of a deal is this for Hawaii and the film industry?

CHUCK: It's special because most of these films will never play here.  It's interesting that David Lynch film hasn't opened here yet.  We have a Hawaii premiere so this could be the only chance to really see the films.  Many of the Netflicks and Blockbusters don't carry these pictures so this a chance to see these pictures.

ANGELA: The spring showcase runs from April 20th to the 26th at the Regal Cinema at Dole Cannery.  Movie ticket prices are $10 for adults, $9 for students, children and military and $8 for HIFF members.