Kailua Residents React To Another Fatal Accident on Kapaa Quarry Road

Darlene Young, Kailua resident
Darlene Young, Kailua resident
Trevor Cates, Kailua resident
Trevor Cates, Kailua resident

KAILUA (KHNL) - It was another deadly day on a historically dangerous road in windward Oahu. This latest accident happened a little after two this afternoon on Kapa'a Quarry Road which runs through Kawainui Marsh.

Police say a six-wheel tanker truck slammed into a Ford Explorer. The driver of the SUV died at the scene. The SUV suffered extensive damages, as the front end wound up sitting at the edge of Kawainui Marsh.

The vehicle is totaled and the windshield is completely smashed. The tanker truck sustained major damage to the front end, and several tires are blown out.

People who use that road say it's a dangerous stretch because the lanes are narrow and cars use it as a shortcut to Kailua. So, when they heard about the fatal accident, they were not surprised.

A tow truck hauls away a tanker truck's carcass. Earlier in the afternoon, it collided with an SUV head on, killing the SUV's driver.

"I think it's an absolute tragedy," said Darlene Young, a Kailua resident. "It's just terrible that people have to lose their lives."

"It's so sad," said Trevor Cates, who also lives in Kailua. "This road is pretty dangerous. You know, there's nowhere to go. If a car is coming right at you, you can't turn left or right."

People who use this road say it's dangerous.

"Me and my girlfriend don't even drive this road at night because there's nothing you can do, even during the day," said Cates. "So at night, you can't even see what's going on."

This is the second fatal accident on this road in recent months. In February, two young women died in a head-on crash.

People who live nearby say it's a convenient shortcut to Kailua. But the combination of residential and commercial traffic makes this a dangerous road.

"It's just pretty scary," said Cates. "All these big rigs and stuff, waiting to happen."

"I think because there's such a lot of heavy, industrial type trucks, and all the city and county waste trucks," said Young.

Residents say police have recently stepped up traffic enforcement efforts on this road, but they want more to be done.

"There are no lights," said Cates. "There are no street lights so you got to use your highs at night. And then, when there's a car coming, sometimes you're just getting blinded. You can't see."

Police describe the victim as an elderly man, but have not released his identity.