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What's Up on khnl.com: Alohaparent.com

By Cindy Cha

(KHNL) - If you're a parent looking for family-friendly events and ideas...we've got the website for you.

The website featured on KHNL.com is a fun and interactive community-based site filled with tons of resources and information and it's created especially for families right here on the island of Oahu.

It's called alohaparent.com, a brand new website launched especially for parents of toddlers through teens.

The site is a one-stop information center filled with local resources and tips. It also includes an A-to-Z Business Directory, making it convenient for parents on the go.

Alohaparent.com keeps parents interactive with their weekly newsletters, classifieds, contests and even a parent chat.

And kids can also have their say by participating in the "kid picks."

Alohaparent.com is a grassroot effort created by two Honolulu single moms who say they just want to be involved with the community. I'm Cindy Cha letting you know what's up on khnl.com.

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