Brain Injury Group Hopes to Live Up to Its Name

KANEOHE (KHNL) - Imagine waking up one day and knowing your life has changed, but not knowing how to fix it. Simple tasks are suddenly huge problems. That can be what life with a brain injury is like.

But a new group is out to change that. The 10 in 10 Project is a new group, formed this year. Its founder says only one in ten people with brain injury ever gets the help needed. The group hopes to live up to its name by getting help for ten out of ten people.

You would never know by looking at him that Tony Wood has a brain injury.

"You tell me to go do this, this, this and this; I may remember one thing," said Wood.  "I may remember talking to you. Or I may not remember."

Two summers ago, Army Sargeant Wood was in his Humvee in Iraq when three bombs and two grenades exploded, seriously injuring him. Wood's brain injury affects his short term memory- and he says people look at him differently.

"Like, 'This guy's not quite hitting on all cylinders.' You see the look immediately and when you see it it's like, 'Aw man.' The worst thing is to be different from everybody."

Lisa Keller hopes to change that. She designed this Brain Injury Recovery Kit (BIRK) to help people like Wood take back their lives.

"You will usually never be the same after brain injury, but you can recover a life you want to live again, in most cases," said Keller.

Wood is grateful. "It's given us a lot of different tools to cope with things," he says.

The 10 in 10 Project hopes to raise enough money to help buy each American soldier who needs it, one of these $600 kits, as well as access to support groups.

Wood is the group's new national spokesperson. "Maybe my injury is benefiting somebody. Maybe I can make a difference."