Rockslide Affects North Shore Businesses

One lane is now open on Kamehameha Highway near Waimea Bay after Saturday's rockslide.

That's after three days of closures.

So how are the closures affecting businesses?

"Definitely a little dip in business, most of the people that live in Sunset, Pupukea side, tend to stay on that side because they didn't want to hike across Waimea," said Chris Pirrone, operations manager of Haleiwa Joe's.

That's what happened on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday when Pirrone says the road closure discouraged people from driving there. On Wednesday, one lane opened.

"Business came right back alive," said Pirrone.

And it's much of the same story at Pizza Bob's. Business dropped 20% after Saturday's rockslide.

"And maybe the tourists haven't come to this side because of reports of the rock slide," said Rachelle Fosha, a shift manager.

While customers were inconvenienced, both businesses say the rockslide affected their employees the most. The majority of them live on the other side of Waimea Bay.

"Having to park on one side of the bay and also having to be in a car on Waimea. So every day, twice a day, you're going across the bay, and then go to work, and come back and do it all over again," said Pirrone.

But now that the highway's partially open, they hope business will bounce back.