The Longest Days

A recreation center on Wilhemina Rise is still not repaired after four years... a pool at Kapaolono sits covered for 18-months... a road parallel to the ocean in Kailua has been under repair for so long, some residents must wonder what it looks like... a transformer goes on the blink in one of the Pali Tunnels, and the lights are out for months awaiting a replacement... potholes re-appear ad nauseum in the same places... coned lanes displace traffic for weeks and weeks on major thoroughfares.

No, we don't live in a third world country.  It just sometimes feels that way when projects don't get completed for one reason or another.  And one reason why these projects go on forever is that we, the general public, simply accept it.  We lament it, we grumble to each other about it, we avoid it by finding new routes or new playgrounds, but we don't demand accountability.  We don't require that these things get handled in a reasonable manner in a reasonable amount of time; why not get your grumbling friends to contact a legislator or two--en masse?

Sure, stuff happens, more work is needed, mainland equipment takes time to arrive, but the complacency that allows these things to happen is our fault, since those accountable just shrug as time moves forward, but completion of projects does not.  Think About It...