Illegal Dumping Plagues Leeward O'ahu

Joslynn Ball
Joslynn Ball

LEEWARD OAHU (KHNL)- Leeward O'ahu seems to have its share of illegal trash piles and one incident hit too close to home for one woman.

Illegal dumping is bad enough, but setting the rubbish on fire can be dangerous as one resident on the leeward side experienced last weekend.

"The toxic fumes, it gets real bad, my son has asthma, i have asthma it's not as active, but smoke, who can tolerate smoke? It even caused us to go out with cable because the fire got so high that it burned the cable lines," said Leeward resident Joslyne Ball.

Indiscriminate roadside dumping is a growing problem on the leeward side which is evident on this stretch of Pa'akea road.

"As citizens, you dump it at the right, you know place, you take it to the right recycle place, not on the side of someone's house, on the street," said Joslyne Ball.

Hawaii is often referred to as paradise, but for residents living in parts the leeward coast, it's becoming a paradise lost because of this illegal dumping.

"Hawaii is a beautiful place to live in. I couldn't ask for any place beautiful than Hawaii. When I come home, I have to see trash right in the front of my yard or on my street. It really isn't fair," said Joslyne Ball.

Joselyn believes she is one of thousands that share her feelings in the community, and encourages others to speak out and help cleanup up their neighborhoods.