Parade Magazine Features Local Photographer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - This weekend's issue of Parade includes the annual "What People Earn" salary report and features four Hawaii residents.

One, is fashion photographer Seiji, who made $147,000 last year.

He has no idea how the editors got a hold of him, but he thinks one of the agents he works with may have submitted his name.

He's been a photographer for the past 10 years.

"A typical day would be setting up shoots, phone calls," said Seiji.

Not a bad way to make a six-figure income. But Seiji enjoys doing this for many other reasons.

"Just being able to create images, thoughts that I have and just being able to get that on the final print," he said.

We were the first ones to show him a copy of the Parade issue that he's in.

"Oh wow, that's pretty cool, they put me first," he said.

Seiji says he's honored to be in the issue.

He shoots in Hawaii and New York. But only 25% of his time is spending doing this. He says a lot goes into editing, marketing and advertising.

"Usually people don't get into photography to make a lot of money but I think there's actually bigger paychecks," said Seiji.

But he's been able to earn a good living from it because he says the jobs he takes pay pretty well. For example, he charges about $300 to take pictures of a model. And for anyone else interested in following this career path?

"To stick with their vision and the way that they see, and stick to their style of shooting and not try to shoot like anyone else," he said.