Things Are Starting to Return to Normal on Oahu's North Shore

WAIMEA (KHNL) - At Waimea Bay, a weekend rockslide forced police to shut down Kamehameha Highway for two days. Since then, crews have worked to clear the roadway.

It's the news north shore residents have been waiting for since saturdays rockslide at waimea bay.

"Based on the cleanup work, the work that the contractors had done, we were actually able to open kamehameha Highway 24-hour contra flow beginning at 12-noon today," said Barry Fukunaga of the Department of Transportation.

In an effort to open the Waimea roadway as quickly as possible, work on a guardrail in Kaaawa will be suspended.

"What we will do is temporarily defer that until such time as we can restore full service on Kamhighway at Waimea Bay," said Barry Fukunaga.

For north shore residents it's a sign of relief, as well as for tourists who are hoping to salvage what's left of their visit to Hawaii.

"It's very fortunate that we have this road open, because there's shopping centers on the other side you know we visited and bought a lot of stuff from, there's shopping centers on this side, you know so it's easier to transfer back and forth instead of driving another hour and a half through town just to get to one side," said Cassie Wyckoff of Los Altos, California

During the next three weeks, a temporary protective fence and barrier will be built. This will allow the highway to reopen to two lanes of traffic.