Sustainable Saunders Makes UH Energy Efficient

MANOA (KHNL) - Some University of Hawaii students are already thinking of ways to make the Manoa campus more environmentally friendly.

The group is called Sustainable Saunders and their main goal is to make Saunders Hall, self sufficient.

One way, is to turn the roof, into a green roof.

"Which shows if you put a green roof on your roof you cool the building below, so that's energy savings and you're also testing 6 indigenous plants," said Shanah Trevenna, student sustainability coordinator.

The group meets daily to talk about ways to curb energy use at the building. Sustainable Saunders is an effort between the students, faculty and staff.

"I think it's natural and we look forward to making it a reality," said Mike May, president of Hawaiian Electric Co.

HECO also supports their efforts and their goals and presented them with a $6,000 check.

Within a year, the students hope to reduce the energy use at Saunders Hall by 30%.

There other plans including putting recycling bins on every floor and worm bins out for compost.

"I really believe sustainability is equal to a passion for life," said Trevenna.

This group plans to implement these energy-efficient ideas in the fall. They hope to become a model for the rest of the campus and the state.