Kapiolani Manor Residents Shaken After Fire

Ken Chua
Ken Chua

HONOLULU (KHNL) - As firefighters evacuated the building, friends and family desperately tried to reconnect.

Ken Chua's wife waved frantically from their 25th floor balcony with one hand, holding a wet rag over her mouth with the other. Her husband watched, and worried, below.

"I guess she's trapped up there, because of the smoke," sighed Ken Chua.

When the fire started, Ken's wife called him at work.

He hasn't spoken to her since, and now all he can so is wait, with his neighbors.

"Probably, because of the smoke in the hallway, she cant get out," speculated neighbor Carl Eubank.

Residents, neighbors, and passing pedestrians fixed their eyes on the smoke and flames above. Elvin Ahu says his home is directly above the unit where the fire began. He was at work when he got a call from a friend that his building was on fire. Now, that the fire is out, he's anxious to get inside and find out what's left.

"I just talked to one of the firemen, he told me we'd probably get some damage, some fire and smoke damage, I don't know, I just want to go check."

Firefighters rescued the woman on the balcony. She and two others women were taken to the hospital for smoke related injuries. Three more residents were treated and released at the scene.