Hawaii Celebrates National Prisoners of War Day

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Going to war is frightening enough, but getting captured can be even more horrifying.

Here in Hawaii, former prisoners of war were recognized today at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Monday marks National Prisoners of War Recognition Day. With many minds on the war in the Middle East, it was a time to remember former P.O.W.'s and those missing in action who fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

"A lot of us have problems today that are alive but we don't want to talk about them, because we're probably the last generation that don't ask for very much, give us a little and we're happy and we've always been that way," said Robert Flethcer, former P.O.W.

For those who survived their time as prisoners of war, the memories are haunting.

"Average day time temperature was 35 below zero at night it was 45 below, a lot of men froze to death a lot of men starved because we had no adequate food, said Robert Fletcher.

Decades have past, but the memories for these American heroes will never fade.

"You think people have forgotten, there's new wars on and people getting wounded and taken prisoner, so just have a feeling my time is over, it's there time now, but people understand and people still want to understand."

While held as prisoners of war, American P.O.W.'s reflected the best of our country, acting with resourcefulness, bravery and strength.

And the former P.O.W.'s want to remind us to never forget the American prisoners of war who did not return home.