Wish Granted For Mililani Girl

Natalie Frazier
Natalie Frazier

MILILANI (KHNL) - It's a scary situation when children are told they have a potentially fatal disease.

"Make A Wish" helps the sickest children by answering their life dreams.   Natalie Frazier, a Mililani teen, was one of them.

We first shared her story back in 2001, but she managed to beat the odds.  Seeing Natalie today happy, healthy, active and a head full of long hair, you'd never know she battled a potentially fatal cancer just a few years ago.

"It was a pretty difficult time because the people at school didn't understand," said Frazier.

She was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  It was an extremely painful and challenging time in her life.

"There were a lot of tough times through my treatment but the people around me really helped me through it."

Hawaii's Make A Wish Foundation stepped in to answer her life dream.  She gained national attention, creating her own island flavored salad dressing.  Natalie's Nalu was sold on supermarket shelves all over the country.

"I never really thought of that nation wide exposure but I don't know."

Natalie is a senior now, and she's getting ready to graduate from Mililani High School.   And she says, as frightening and tough as it was, she wouldn't change a thing.  In fact she believes having cancer was a blessing.

"There's just a lot of good things that have come from it and so I don't know how I feel being a cancer survivor but except just grateful."

In addition to "Make A Wish", Natalie says the Hawaii Blood Bank Donors played a big part in saving her life.  She says she received many transfusions that helped her get back on her feet again.