What Do You Want To Be When You "Grow Up?"

Manoa (KHNL) - What do you want to be when you grow up? That's the fun question, a number of high school seniors are asking each other as they complete their college applications.

A bright future -- it's what you could look forward to, if you're thinking about a career as an engineer.

"Its everywhere. Starting with the road you drive on, the car you drive in, the house you live in, the electronics that you use, engineering is around us everyday," said Dr. Song Choi, Assistant Dean for the University of Hawaii, College of Engineering.

Chris McLeod graduated from University of Hawaii in May and got a job at the College of Engineering, working in a robotics lab. He says many of his friends have found good paying jobs, right out of school.

"They've had starting wages from 50-60 thousand dollars."

But Dr. Choi says he sees fewer students interested in entering the field.

"There's been a decrease because people perceive math and science as being difficult when they're in junior high and high school."

"There's a lot of work involved," adds McLeod.  "A lot of math, a lot of physics, and just a lot of problem solving. But, it gets us places. Engineering is innovation and creativity, it's a great way to improve your life, as well as the lives of others."

"The job outlook here in Hawaii is incredible right now, we have more job opportunities than the engineers that we can graduate," said Choi.

The deadline to apply for the University of Hawaii, College of Engineering is May 1. The College of Engineering is also currently accepting applications for their summer internship program, but that deadline is only a few days away.