Fire Leaves Large Family Homeless On Easter Sunday

Victor Agor
Victor Agor

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Eight members of a Salt Lake family scramble out of their burning house. Everyone survives but they lost everything.

Family members didn't have much warning because they say there were no smoke detectors in their rental. They heard glass exploding and jumped out of a window to safety. Flames pour from the roof of this Salt Lake duplex.

Neighbor Victor Agor says, "When I came out the fire was already raging." Fast moving orange flames engulf the home as gusty winds fuel the fire. Firefighters shoot water onto the burning house but the flames rise up again. Agor explains, "The flames going up way beyond roof thought it was petroleum fire my son says asphalt but fortunately I don't think anybody got hurt."

After more water, the black smoke turns white and firefighters make progress. Neighbors grab garden hoses to snuff out embers that land in the dry brush near their homes. Others stand back and watch as firefighters attack the fire with water hoses.

Minako Moses and her family were spending a quiet Easter Sunday at home when they heard glass breaking and smelled smoke.

With no smoke alarms they are alerted by the explosive sounds of glass shattering. Her smaller children escape through the front door and down the stairs. Outside family members remain in shock.

Firefighters stopped the flames from crossing into the other half of the duplex. Damage is estimated at 270-thousand dollars.