Rockslides Are a Part of North Shore Life

Penny Dumich
Penny Dumich

WAIMEA BAY (KHNL) - Many North Shore residents expected another big rockslide, since it has happened before. They seem to take this latest road closure in stride.

To get across Waimea Bay, people must now walk across the beach, hauling everything with them. Some get help from fellow residents, while others get assistance from the lifeguards on the beach.

After a massive rockslide in 2000, crews built a temporary bypass road for vehicles to get around. Many longtime residents remember the inconvenience during those three months.

Penny Dumich. points to her "Waimea Rocks" t-shirt and says "I jogged in this shirt last night, and my friend said to me, wow, I haven't seen that shirt in 7 years! And I woke up this morning and heard about the rocks, and I was like, ooooh, that's really freaky, right?"

"Oh, it's very hard. Big problem again. I hope they can fix the road today" says another woman walking across the beach.

North Shore resident Cynthia Smith says "I don't mind walking on the beach though. It's a bit of an inconvenience, but how can it be that bad when you live on Hawaii, right here?"

Life goes on for residents. Businesses will remain open as usual and hopefully traffic will return to the area soon.