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All Night Effort To Re-open Highway Following North Shore Rockslide

Rhonda Texeira Rhonda Texeira
Bob Cramer Bob Cramer
John Germaine John Germaine
Elizabeth Hueter (right) Elizabeth Hueter (right)
Tripp Turner Tripp Turner

By Beth Hillyer

WAIMEA (KHNL) - Stranded residents at Waimea Bay make their way through the sand to get to the opposite side.

Construction crews are working through the night to try to get at least one lane open.

The sign says it all, road closed. The pounding continues as State road crews clear boulders. Giant excavators chip away dangerous rocks. A convoy of trucks haul off the debris. And waves of stranded people trek across the beach. Bob Crane makes his way across the bay, "Just like end of the day still dragging back across the sand."

Many like Crane return from work, "Just coming back from Turtle Bay working. I'm taking my wife home. Got to get car parked by Chun's Reef, get car come back pick wife up."

Rhonda Texiera is crossing too, "Just coming from work at Ted's Bakery. Just walking across Waimea Bay so we can be picked up by our ride to get home and do it all over again tomorrow."

John Germain sells t-shirts to mark the occasion, "It says Waimea Rocks, the sequel. It's our second rockslide."

Elizabeth Hueter is stuck but has a plan, "We just figure we'll leave our car over here and have friends pick us up cuz we usually bike around. We'll just bike to Waimea and go to town that way."

Crane concludes, "I hope they get this done as soon as possible that's what we really need, just wrap it up."

The fact Kamehameha Highway is closed can't stop the annual Easter sunrise service. This event begins at 6:30am sharp.

Pastor Tripp Turner explains, "Sunrise service here at the beach. North Shore Christian Fellowship. Jesus is risen parise the Lord."

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