Easter Holiday Airport Parking Is Slim Pickings

Newton Young
Newton Young
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts

(KHNL) - The Easter holiday is a prime time for traveling. And that puts parking at a premium! Travelers at Honolulu International Airport have created very crowded conditions.

And people looking for a parking space at the last minute may be forced to chose an expensive option.

Traveller Newton Young explains, "There was no parking here. My flight was at 9:30. I went once all the way around so I decided to valet."

Many fliers plan ahead and have someone drop them off at the curb. Others catch a cab.

But some drive around and around the interisland terminal looking for an open space.

Flier Jason Roberts adds, "Today I had no choice I came in around 7 am and the parking lot was full already and this was the only option I had unless I wanted to walk from the international terminal."

Many give up and pull into the valet parking. "It's a friday and a holiday weekend and usually fridays are bad," says Roberts.

The lot is so full we notice the valets park cars along a curb painted red that is usually considered a fire lane. Airport officials explain AMPCO express is allowed to park cars here because fire engines can get through. Hazard or not, customers appreciate the convenience.

Roberts concludes, "I can just get off the plane and walk here and get my car, as for the structure lots often times I forget where I park."