Pet Food Recall Benefits Some Stores

Cynthia Wood-Eto
Cynthia Wood-Eto

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Pet owners, beware.

The pet food recall is expanding to now include dog biscuits.

The expanding recall is making pet owners change their buying habits, which is benefiting some companies.

"Just not having the byproducts, the gluten the grains," said Cynthia Wood-Eto who shops at Naturally Pet on Ward Avenue. "That I would never go back to any store bought or other products that are made with byproducts or grains and stuff."

More pet owners are switching to organic products.

"They have no byproduct, no chemical preservative," said Yumi Iseki, store owner.

Iseki says sales have increased 30% in the past couple of weeks.

"There's a lot people that don't want to trust food that's sold in supermarket," said Iseki.

The list of recalled pet food expanded again. It now includes dog biscuits made from Sunshine Mills. Menu Foods expanded its original recall to include a broader range of dates and varieties. Pet owners say it's a wake-up call.

"Did a lot of research and found out that what they put in dog food can be pretty scary," said Becky Devine, pet owner.

The folks over at Bark Avenue in Koko Marina say sales have also gone up. More pet owners are asking about the benefits of naturally-made products.

Pet owners spend more to buy these types of foods, but they say you can't put a price on the health of their loved ones.

"Lose a pet so close to you, it's unreplaceable," said Wood.