Kailua Students Showing Their "Ties" to the Military

Drew Jernigan
Drew Jernigan

By  Roger Mari

KAILUA (KHNL) - About one quarter of the sudents at Aikahi Elemantary School in Kailua have family in the military.

"Well I miss my dad a lot because he goes over seas for a lot of times and so it really kind of hurts me," said fourth Grader Jana Craig.

The ceremony opened up with an assembly introducing some of the families and teaching everyone a little bit about our different branches of the military.

U.S. Marines were on hand to help out with the pledge of alligience, afterwards, it was a trip to the playground.

"We put up the yellow ribbons to say they we support them, and that we're looking forward to their safe return home," said parent Drew Jernigan.

Children with parents deployed to place like Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan were given larger bows to tie around trees.

Even though it can be hard when loved ones are in the military, it's events like these that make things a little easier.

"This is some of the hardest times, that we're going through, and with that support it carries us through and that's exactly what we need," said parent Barbara Craig.

These ribbons serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers who are fighting for our country, and hopes for a safe return.

While all of the military services have a presence at Aikahi Elementary, most come from Marine Corps Base Hawaii.