Quarter Back

The big debate rages on about what to put on the State of Hawaii quarter that will be unveiled shortly as part of the special 50 State Commemorative Coin Program.  Designs submitted so far include King Kamehameha the 1st, Diamond Head, the State motto, the word "Aloha", a surfer, a hula dancer, and the island chain and there have been many opinions as to what works best.  The commission tends to favor designs that are more simple than some of those already suggested--good grief, now we have to dumb down even our coins?!

Bottom line, it's still gonna be worth twenty five cents, and outside of collectors, not many people study the graphics on coins they place in machines or on counters.  But let's look at some other options.  Since symbolism is very important in this coinage quest, how about designing an empty parking space on a side street, since that's a real rarity in Hawaii.  Or how about a crane?  I mean the big metal kind, once jokingly referred to as our official State bird.  Ok, all kidding aside, the poignant message of displaying King Kamehameha would be great, if for no other reason than as a quick history lesson, all for just 25-cents.

Here's hoping that local essence, culture, and pride end up somewhere on this piece, and not something simplified for the masses.  Maybe the rest of the country will one day get these keepsake coins and really Think About It...