Undercover Cops Coming Soon To Crosswalks

Lieutenant Jerry Wojcik
Lieutenant Jerry Wojcik
Patrick Bulac
Patrick Bulac
Jemez Meyers
Jemez Meyers

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Police are stepping up their efforts to crack down on crosswalk criminals.

But its an effort you may not "see". Tickets for breaking the law at crosswalks costs between 70-to-100 dollars but already ten people have paid with their lives because drivers or pedestrians were not following the law.

Now, police have a new way to cut down on crosswalk violations.

Everyday jay walkers rush across the street. Some rush to catch a bus. But many drivers are also in a rush, to make it through intersections and some aren't looking out for pedestrians.

"Drivers and pedestrians have a place to go and "i'm gonna get there as soon as i can - i don't care about anybody else." says Jerry Wojcik of the Honolulu Police Department.

But what police hope people care about is the cost of getting caught breaking the law.

Already 22-hundred of tickets have been issued by patrol officers in the past three weeks to pedestrians and drivers alike.

Soon these officers won't be the only ones watching our roads, undercover police will also be on patrol.

"We notice people looking around, and when they don't see a policeman they cross and disobey the law. So there will be police in civilian clothes at crosswalks" says Wojcik.

Some who walk our streets, like the idea of more eyes on the road.

"Whatever they can do , to prevent jay walking and people getting hit by cars, I'm all for it." says Patrick Bulac, a Waipahu pedestrian.

While police will ticket pedestrians and drivers who break the crosswalk laws, they also hope everyone will educate themselves on the rules of the road. And at the very least, make sure drivers and pedestrians see eye to eye during crossings.

"In the crosswalk its my understanding drivers are supposed to stop but most of the time I wait until I see someone slows down. Then I cross." says Honolulu pedestrian, Jemez Meyers.

Its a simple act that could save a life, and police hope many will follow.

To help enforce crosswalk laws, Honolulu Police will be setting up their undercover operations in areas with high pedestrian traffic. And will only do them during the day.