Missing Man Doing Well

Janice Mohetau
Janice Mohetau

LAIE (KHNL) - A search for a body in the water causes quite a scare for one Laie family. They thought the body in the water could've been Tevita David Mohetau. He's the 71-year old man who'd been missing since Saturday.

But as it turned out, it wasn't him, and minutes later, he was found.

Mohetau is resting at Kahuku Hospital and doing well.

His wife says those 20-minutes Tuesday afternoon were like a rollercoaster, but she's happy to have her husband back, even though something's missing.

Janice Mohetau has been by her husband's bedside at the hospital since he was found.

"Tired," she said. "But elated that we have David home."

Janice tells us he doesn't know how he got up in the mountains, but remembers what it was like.

"He remembers being cold, and being frightened, because of the rain, and that he would die there," said Janice Mohetau. "He said he kept calling me, kept calling our son but we couldn't hear him."

Helicopters fly above searching for him for two days. Mohetau sees them, but can't do anything to get their attention.

"He was in a situation where he knew he could not help himself," said Janice. "He did a lot of praying, asking god to please help him, and he did."

someone finally spots him in an area that search teams had already been through. The day ends in a celebration for family, friends, and some new faces at the family home in Laie.

"There were people coming to my house yesterday to join the search that i never seen before," said Janice.

And she thanks every one of those people for bringing her husband home in one piece -- except for his wedding ring.

But she says that's okay.

"A wedding ring is nothing compared to a husband," she said.

Janice says he does go on regular walks to the store, but she says whenever he goes now, he'll be escorted.