State Department of Health Step It Up To Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Lola Irwin
Lola Irwin

HONOLULU (KHNL) -"Step it up Hawaii" kicks off its healthy lifestyles campaign today. It's a 10-week, public education campaign designed to encourage adults to walk 30 minutes or more, at least five days a week.

Put one foot in front of the other. It's a simple task but so is eating and there should be a balance. Walking 30 minutes daily can help break down stored energy built up from food intake.

"The immediate health benefit of course would be expending that energy so that you reduce the risk of being overweight and obese," said Lola Irvin of the Hawaii State Department of Health.

Most people can walk, but getting motivated is another issue. What might help is having a partner.

"We know when there's a buddy system people are more likely to try something new and continue with that behavioral change," said Lola Irvin.

With beautiful weather year-round in Hawaii, there's no shortage on places to go.

"Magic Island and some of our neighbor hoods have great areas to walk. Malls are a great place,"

Said Lola Irvin.

Hawaii is doing better than the rest of the nation in keeping fit, but there's still a problem.

"About 50% of out people are overweight and obese, so in terms of immediate impact, it is important that people go ahead and incorporate physical activity into their daily lives," said Lola Irvin.

No matter how busy we are, everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle one step at a time.