Missing Laie Man Found Alive And Well

Tevita Mohetau
Tevita Mohetau
Pita Mohetau
Pita Mohetau

(KHNL) - A missing man is finally home after spending days lost on O'ahu.

71-year old Tavita David Mohetau was found in the mountains near his home Tuesday evening. His son doesn't know how he got there, but he's relieved that this story has a happy ending.

And he's not the only one.

Dozens from the community came to the Mohetau house to celebrate the good news.

"Just joy," said Pita Mohetau, Tavita's son. "very much happy. Now can enjoy and sleep."

The elder Mohetau was last seen outside the McDonalds in Laie Saturday night.

"As each day goes on, it just, your hopes kinda keep going down, but you just gotta keep going," said Pita Mohetau.

Teams searched for days from the sky and the ground. A professor from BYU Hawaii finally spots Mohetau after following an unusual trail in the mountains.

"I guess he got wrapped up in some fence and slid down some california grass into this ravine," said Pita. "He was just sitting there. The grass was so high, they said that's probably why the helicopters didn't see him."

But now Mohetau is okay. And his family, and the rest of this tight knit community, can rest easy.

"I know everybody's happy," said Pita. "I think the whole community is gonna sleep well tonight, real well. I know I am."<09.19>

Relatives say the most amazing thing is Mohetau survived the cold nights with just a t-shirt and shorts, with no food.

Mohetau was taken to kahuku hospital, just to be checked out.