Net Loss

You've seen it; maybe you've even helped out.  You know, the kids on the busy intersections who bring nets over to your car asking you for some change or dollars for their upcoming trips.  Many of us have been involved in fundraising for our kids, and there is always a great sense of camaraderie and accomplishment when everyone works together for a common goal whether it's via a car wash or a fundraiser selling cookies or pizzas or chili or sausage or sweetbread or...well you catch my drift.

But something about kids holding a net out for money seems a bit shaky, if not illegal.   Certainly we empathize with the men with cardboard signs who solicit funds, but we also wish these people weren't in the position to have to even ask and stare through our windows as we anxiously await a green light.  Maybe it comes down to your definition of what constitutes working for funds, rather than just hanging a net out, which might seem a bit dangerous, by the by.  And we are talking about kids here, not adults raising money for a cause. maybe the dreaded sign-wavers during political races could hold a net to raise money for kids' trips, yeh, since they're gonna be in the way anyway?!

It's your call, and we know it's for a good cause, but personally, I'm more likely to drop a few bucks as our keiki learn the value of a transaction with a willing consumer to help them on their way, rather than tip someone who's simply fishing.  Think About It...