Oahu Soldiers Receive Deployment Extension

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - Some Oahu-based soldiers will remain in Iraq longer than expected.

Schofield soldiers with the 25th Infantry Division and Special Troops Battalion have learned their deployments have been extended.

"I was disappointed," said Kristen Golby.

Her husband, Jim, is one of a thousand local soldiers being affected. With this extension, he'll likely miss the birth of his second child. Kristen is five months pregnant.

"That was the hardest part for us," said Golby.

But like other military wives we talked, she's not surprised. Amanda McBride is actually relieved.

"Honestly when they said 45 days, I thought, that's not as long as I expected so that's good," said Amanda McBride, wife.

Army officials say the Schofield soldiers will remain in the Middle East until the end of September, because their replacements won't arrive until then. McBride says it's difficult to have her husband miss out on their twin daughters' lives.

"Having so much that they do and they change everyday and just having him not be here to see that," said McBride.

But the wives say they're just lucky to have a good support system. They credit their family and friends for keeping them strong and optimistic.

The Department of Defense may decide to extend or accelerate deployments for other units.

But for now, only those 1,000 soldiers are the ones being affected locally.