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Mililani Swim Team Fighting to Stay Afloat

Aaron Kimura Aaron Kimura
Brandi Halemano Brandi Halemano
Dick Cox Dick Cox

By: Paul Drewes

MILILANI (KHNL) - A group of Oahu swimmers may soon be left high and dry.

Aloha aquatics could be forced out of a Mililani facility they've called home for 30 years.

The children of Aloha Aquatics normally spend a lot of time in the water at the pool, but are instead on dry land, fighting to keep their club afloat.

"We've been getting some petitions from the community that to allow Aloha Aquatics to use the facilities here to continue our club," says Aaron Kimura, Aloha Aquatics board member.

The Mililani Town Association is not renewing the club's contract, which will in effect bar Aloha Aquatics from swimming at this facility starting May 1st. 

The association cites excessive costs and lack of pool time for other homeowners as the reason for their decision.

"I'm disappointed because after my seven years here we hadn't had this problem, and I don't think it should be an issue because there's other pools that they can swim at," says Brandi Halemano, Aloha Aquatics swimmer.

So far, parents say they've obtained more than 700 signatures petitioning the board to reconsider their decision. 

The Aloha Aquatics Club helps young swimmers train for competitive meets and also provides a place for children of all ability to have fun.

"We have children with special needs in the competitive swim program; has been a wonderful benefit to them.  It teaches them discipline and persistence and social skills and interaction," says Dick Cox, Aloha Aquatics parent.

While parents push to keep the club going, these kids say the decision won't dampen their swimming spirit.

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