Obama Supporters in Hawaii Use Internet As Campaign Weapon

David Fry
David Fry
Rep. Brian Schatz
Rep. Brian Schatz

(KHNL) - Hawaii born Senator Barack Obama is joined by thousands of supporters in Iowa and around the country as he hits the campaign trail.

Close to two-thousand meet the presidental candidate at the town hall meeting, but he also speaks to thousands more across the country. He streamed his appearance live on the internet. And many in Obama's home state here in Hawaii gathered to be a part of the campaign.

"This is extraordinary," said Brian Schatz, chair of the Hawaii for Obama campaign. "I've been in politics ten years now, and most of the people in that room I had never met before."

Schatz was at a house party in Kahala for a community kickoff, in support of Obama's run to the white house. It was one of nine across the state, and one of 5,000across the country.

"Done house parties before for political candidates and if you get 15, 20 people show up, you're happy," said host David Fry. "Here, I think we had over 40 so far, and I expect to get about 50 people before the day is done."

Organizers say the success is because of the candidate.

"He has the potential to get people engaged who normally don't participate in politics," said Schatz.

And the internet. The announcement for this get-together was posted on Obama's website.

"We've got this ability here in Hawaii to use this technology to connect with voters on the mainland, to help build the Barack Obama campaign from the ground up here in Hawaii as well," said Fry.

And with this new campaign weapon, supporters say Obama is armed and ready.

"They understand what he stands for, they've been waiting for candidates like him that can speak his mind, and can have some principals behind what they're saying, and I think he's gonna run away with it," said Fry.

Saturday's events were set up as part of the Hawaii for Obama campaign.

The group says it will continue to do these grassroots meetings, and then move into the more organized rallies in the near future.

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