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A Kalihi Community Is Grateful To Have Their Street Back

Rosario Edquid Rosario Edquid
Frances Ochoa, Leilani Florist Frances Ochoa, Leilani Florist

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - A separate raid this week cleaned up a drug infested street in Kalihi. Law enforcement officials made 11 arrests following a four month undercover operation. Tonight neighbors are venturing out without fear.

Neighbors came up to us all smiles saying they are happy the drug dealers are gone. Rosario Edquid carries groceries without fear, "I'm happy about it because it's clear in the morning. I can pass by and the evening I can pass by and it's safe because you don't know what they are gonna do to us."

Police arrested 11 suspected drug dealers and seized crystal meth .Rosario used to fear the drug dealers along Akepo Lane, "I'm not afraid anymore just like a free place to pass by."

Employees of Leilani Florist next door to Akepo Lane can now concentrate on creating arrangements. Florist Frances Ochoa says, "We were all just waiting for that to happen, for them to clean up what was going on over there. It was just getting really really bad."

These flower shop workers were afraid of those who hung out in their parking lot. "It was kinda scary parking out cars back there because we didn't know if they would get broken into or not," adds Ochoa.

Undercover officers posed as drug dealers for the past four months and bought up ice. Police say they'll work to keep this neighborhood drug free, Honolulu Police Major Kurt Kendro is committed, "We've done it before there. We had to go back and do it again. And if we need to, we'll go back again in the future."

Ochoa concludes, "I just hope they keep a constant watch on it to keep it from escalating again".

Edquid sums it up, "That's their job to make the people safe over here."

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